Follow the steps below to set up your own domain.

  1. Go to the customer service center of your hosting/domain package.

  2. Create a subdomain such as “”.

  3. Go to the domain settings and search for the DNS settings for the subdomain.

  4. Set a CNAME-Record to our domain (

  5. Log in to your QR Code Generator Pro account.

  6. Select Account - White Label.

  7. Enter your subdomain (e.g. in the short URL field.

  8. Select Verify.

It may take up to 24 hours before all worldwide DNS servers are updated and for our system to recognize the changes. Should you encounter any difficulties setting up your own short URL domain, please get in touch with your IT or hosting company.

White label short URLs do not have an SSL certificate by default. If you wish to secure your white label short URL with an SSL certificate (e.g., we can arrange one for you by request.*

We recommend waiting until the white label domain and SSL certificate are successfully activated in your account before creating and printing QR Codes for your marketing campaigns.

If you would like access to white labeling, upgrade to our Professional Plan.

*SSL certificates are only available with our Enterprise Plans.

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