Every Dynamic QR Code is assigned a random short URL. The short URL is what redirects to your landing page when the QR Code is scanned. You can customize the short URL (by including your company name, product name, etc) to build more trust among users and to make your brand more visible.

If you would like to edit the short URL, follow the steps below.

1. Select Download next to your QR Code.

The Download button next to a Dynamic QR Code

2. Select the edit pencil under Short URL at the bottom of the pop-up window.

The edit pencil to change the short URL of a Dynamic QR Code

3. A pop-up will appear. Make sure to read the information carefully. Once you have done so, select GOT IT.

Important note pop-up about changing the short URL of an already published QR Code

4. Enter your desired short URL. Once you’re done, select Save.

The editing field for the short URL customization

5. You will see the new short URL for the QR Code on your dashboard. You may need to refresh the page for the changes to update.

Example of a custom short URL for a Dynamic QR Code

Alternatively, you can:

  • hover next to the short URL, select the pencil icon, and then follow steps two through five above.

  • hover under the download button, select the design QR Code icon, and then follow steps two through five above.

Editing a short URL does not remove or change l.ead.me/. If you would like to host QR Codes under your own domain, you will need to use our white label feature. This feature is not available with our Starter or Advanced Plans.

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