Once you’re done creating your QR Code, the design window will open automatically. If you would like to edit the design of an existing QR Code, select Download next to the QR Code or hover under the Download button and select the Design icon that appears—both will open the design window.

With our software, you can:

  • select a ready-made frame and customize its color and text.

  • select the fore- and background colors of your QR Code.

  • choose from six different pixel styles.

  • customize the shape and color of the positioning detection markers or “edges.”

  • select a ready-made logo or upload one of your own.

  • customize the short URL.

It’s important to test your QR Code both before and after publishing, and at the size it will be published to make sure it’s readable.

For more tips on how to design your QR Codes and avoid scanning issues, take a look at our blog article, “Common QR Code Scanning Problems and How to Fix Them.”

If you would like to know more about post-editing your QR Codes, you might find our guide, “QR Code Editing — Your Complete Guide,” helpful.

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