Depending on the error correction rate of a QR Code, up to 30% of it may be destroyed or altered without affecting its readability. This technical feature allows inserting a logo that covers parts of the Code's structure.

The higher the error correction rate, the more characters must be encoded to keep it readable. This may increase the required space and print size of the QR Code.

The error correction rate is set to 30% for QR Codes with logos and 7% for Codes without logos.

To improve the correction rate of a QR Code:

1. In the Manage view, click on “Download” next to your QR Code.

2. Please click on the three gray dots next to the "Download" button.

3. Tick the checkbox “Use high error correction” and choose a file format to download the QR Code.

Please note that this correction rate improvement raises the density of the QR Code, which affects the minimum printing size.

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