Absolutely. You can create your own custom text on a QR Code frame to match the content of your QR Code. This way, you can guide your audience or customers on exactly what to do when they encounter your QR Code.

After creating your QR Code, a Design box will open where you can choose from a variety of frames with the default "SCAN ME" as the call-to-action (CTA) text.

To change the text, follow the step-by-step below.

  1.  Select 'T' next to the color picker.

2. Then a field to change the text will appear where you can write your own text. Highlight the current text and replace it with your own.

3. You can use all UPPERCASE, lowercase, or Sentence Case depending on your own personal or company style.

TIP: If you have a longer text, the text size automatically adjusts to fit your frame. We recommend using a short, punchy text that's no more than 3 words.

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