Absolutely! Frames come with the default “Scan Me” call-to-action (CTA). However, you have the option to personalize the CTA to match your QR Code’s content. This lets your audience know exactly what to expect when scanning your QR Code.

To customize the frame text, follow the steps below. If you are creating a new QR Code, these options will be available once you start designing your QR Code.

1. Select Download next to your QR Code or hover under the Download button and select the Design icon that appears.

2. Select your frame from the options shown, and then enter your custom text in the Frame Text field.

The Frame Text field where users can enter the custom text for a QR Code frame.

3. If you want to choose from all of our frame options, select All Frames. Once you have selected your frame, enter your custom text in the Frame Text field.

Changes will save automatically and be reflected in the QR Code preview on the left-hand side.

TIP: If you have longer text, the text size automatically adjusts to fit your frame. We recommend using a short, catchy text that’s no more than three words.

Take a look at our guide, “How to Design a QR Code with Frame,” for more information.

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