With the Bulk Create feature, you can create multiple Dynamic URL QR Codes, Static URL QR Codes, Static vCard QR Codes, and Static Text QR Codes by just uploading a CSV file.

First, log in to your account, select Create QR Code, and then choose either Dynamic URL, Static URL, Static vCard, or Static Text QR Code.

Next, select Bulk Create, then Upload CSV.

A new window will appear with the option to download or upload a CSV file. Select Download CSV to fill in the content of your selected QR Code.

How to use the CSV file template?

  1. Replace the content in the template with your own. If you selected Dynamic or Static URL QR Code, replace "http://www.your-website.com";"My QR Code 1" with "https://www.qr-code-generator.com/";"My homepage", for example.
  2. Ensure there is only one data per line/row and insert the content within quotation marks as shown.
  3. Once all the information you'd like to display in your QR Codes is filled, save the file.

Now, upload the saved file by selecting Upload filled CSV or drop it here to complete the upload process.

Make sure to choose the QR Code design if you have saved any previously or leave it black and white. Then select or create a folder where these QR Codes will be stored.

To finish up, select Start creating.

A message will appear to confirm the creation process.

Important: This feature is only available in our Advanced plan (100 max per upload request) and Professional plan (500 max per upload request).

During the trial period, the upload limit is reduced to 5 per upload request so you can test the feature before upgrading.

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