Currently, four types of QR Codes can be created in bulk—Dynamic URL and Static URL, vCard, and Text. The number of QR Codes you can bulk create at a time will depend on your subscription.

To bulk create QR Codes, follow the steps below.

1. Log in to your account.

2. Select the green Create QR Code button at the top right of your dashboard.

3. Choose which QR Code type you want to bulk create—the Dynamic URL or a Static URL, Text, or vCard.

4. Select Bulk Create and then Upload CSV.

Depiction of where to select bulk create

5. Select Download CSV from the window that appears.

6. If possible, open the CSV with notepad. It will appear as shown below.

Example of how bulk create Dynamic URL QR Code csv template will look when opened with notepad

7. Begin replacing the content with your own (see example below). Important: The first line and formatting (i.e. the quotation marks and semi-colons) must remain the same. Otherwise, your CSV will not be readable, and you will receive an error message when trying to upload it.

8. Once you have finished entering the information for your QR Codes, save the file as a CSV.

Example of how to name a CSV file for bulk upload

9. Upload your saved file into the Upload filled CSV or drop it here field. Make sure to select a QR Code design and folder.

Example of where to upload a CSV file, choose a QR Code design, and folder

10. Select Start creating.

A confirmation window will appear once the creation process has started. Once your QR Codes are created and available for download, you will receive an email.

For a comprehensive guide on how to bulk create each QR Code type listed above, take a look at our detailed guide, How to Generate QR Codes in Bulk.

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