If you change the short URL of a QR Code that has already been published, the published version of that QR Code will no longer work and users will be led to a service page as shown below.

Example of the service screen users are led to if a short URL has been changed after being published.

If you want to customize the short URL, make sure you do so before publishing your QR Code.

If you changed the short URL after your QR Code was published, follow the steps below to change it back.

1. Scan the published version of your Dynamic QR Code.

2. Open the link in your browser.

3. Select the address bar to reveal the complete short URL.

Complete URL in the address bar

4. Note the short URL. In the example above, the short URL is bbLviR.

5. In your account, select Edit Short URL next to the short URL.

6. Select the edit pencil under Short URL.

7. Add the short URL from your published QR Code.

8. Select Save. You may need to refresh your account to see the changes take place.

9. Test your published QR Code. It should now lead to the correct landing page.

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