We’re sorry you’re experiencing trouble with uploading your CSV file for bulk upload.

The header provided with the CSV cannot be removed, and the fields for the QR Codes need to be within the quotation marks and separated by a semi-colon.

Below is an example of a URL (website) QR Code.

"URL";"QR Code Title (for reference)"

"URL of your fist Code";"Name of your first Code"

"URL of our second Code";"Name of your second Code"

"URL of your third code";"Name of your third Code"

The first line must remain as is. You can add your information between the quotation marks starting with line two. There cannot be spaces between the fields and the semi-colons.

Some programs add extra quotation marks to the fields. Therefore, we recommend using Notepad.

When opening the CSV file we provide, choose to open with Notepad. If you want to save the file with a different name, you will need to manually add “.csv” at the end of the file name, as shown below.

Example of how to add .csv to the end of a file when saving under a new name.

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